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£15million redevelopment of George Square

Statues in Glasgow’s George Square may be removed as part of £15m revamp STV 13 September 2012 08:48 BST
A total of 13 monuments in Glasgow’s George Square are to be taken down and relocated early next year during a revamp of the city centre.

Glasgow City Council has launched a £15m project, which includes an international design contest, to upgrade the square.

The plan will see the statues removed on a temporary basis to allow for restoration work.

A report before the Executive Committee says a strategy is also being put in place for those statues not returning and to "identify appropriate places of honour so their power and significance can be invested in new neighbourhoods and areas".

It is anticipated the Cenotaph will remain in place and that the first phase of development will be completed in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The report states: "Glasgow City Council is committed to conserving and celebrating its superb public collection of statues in its parks, gardens, squares and streets.

"As part of a general statuary policy and in order to achieve the timescales for the re-design of George Square, the City has agreed to the removal and conservation of its monuments in advance of the main contract which will be awarded following an international competition.

"Removal of the statues will allow an unencumbered approach to the delivery of the main works, and flexibility for the successful team to consider their repositioning or relocation to within the square."

Monuments include equestrian statues of a young Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert, poets Robert Burns and Thomas Campbell, inventor James Watt, chemist Thomas Graham, generals Sir John Moore and Lord Clyde and politicians William Ewart Gladstone, Robert Peel and James Oswald.

The city council's executive committee is expected to approve £5m towards the project at its meeting on Thursday

A further £10m will be spent on the square after 2014.

The report states: "When first conceived in the eighteenth century, George Square was regarded by some as being Glasgow’s ‘Grande Place’. It began as a garden with trees, lawns and fences and over time was inhabited by statues celebrating the great men of the time.

"However, like most post industrial cities of the late twentieth century, the pressures applied to the use of public spaces are significant, and it has been compromised to such an extent, that its loss of status and dignity is all too apparent.

"The Square has had many piecemeal adjustments over the last century and can no longer claim to be 'grand', it requires a wholesale re-examination of its image and functions in order that it can be regarded as a ‘place’ fit for the 21st Century, and to once again enhance Glasgow’s reputation as an international city."

Wit that all means is ther will be shiney new luxury flats build or a full time concert venue.

Take the statues away establish the grass bring back the statues et voila somewhere in the city for people to enjoy on thier lunch like the good old days ...

Wait that would mess with the anti terror laws where the congregation of people meeting would trigger automatic watching...

My head hurts leave the bloody thing alone and spend the money bringing sub standard housing up to date.
Vox Phantom

Those big Olympic Rings ? the way my stomachs been last two days i could impersonate one of them.If you get my drift?

.... just a clear out and make room for the ever expanding cash-cow that is called George Square. An area once for the people now for commercial profit and paying customers  

I don't normally complain about progress, it has to happen, however is this really for the common good or just another plan from the council to convince us change is good, but it'll of course cost us each time we want to 'enjoy' it?
Doog Doog

Hopefully they'll get rid of the red square..

naw they wont they will install tanks.... wait they did that before ...

I was thinking of the Battle of George Square myself  

Deck the whole thing out in granite with some fancy light and water feature.

Would look a lot nicer than the red tarmac and would still give space to use it for events

compared to some other cities its got nothing, why dont they take the cenotaph as well and pull doon the Chambers... nice of them tae ask the common man or wummin on the street whit they think.....a disgrace..

Calamity why would they listen to the common man... The one person who showed an interest in what the people have to say is no longer there and as much as i hate to say it Mr Mathieson was on the radio this morning with his wee indignant voice on again.
Getting it right is needed in the design etc etc ... we cant just modify it we need to overhaul it.
Someones trying to create a lasting legacy at the expense of the people perhaps its time to drop the "Dear Green Place" from the description of the city and just add Concrete and Glass and everything else saleable to the highest bidder.

In these days when the council are bleating on and on about austerity measures it seems like Westminster only the little guy should shoulder the swathing cuts. A cracking idea would be to save the money its going to cost to change the square into lets face it a concert venue and spend it on housing repairs or fixing the damn roads round the the city.

calamity wrote:
compared to some other cities its got nothing, why dont they take the cenotaph as well and pull doon the Chambers... nice of them tae ask the common man or wummin on the street whit they think.....a disgrace..

Calamity....great idea pull down the Cenotaph and replace with a German sausage market opened all year think this should get some coffers in...

whit a spiffin idea beano... ye should be in office...

Experts call for action to get city on right road (© Evening Times)

COUNCIL bosses say the £15million redevelopment of George Square will go ahead – despite a
bus getting stuck in a sinkhole.

But today civil engineering experts renewed their calls for action over the state of the city's
roads. Last week the Evening Times reported that a bus had become lodged in a sinking
part of a bus lane at Glasgow's George Square. The incident occurred when the double-decker
got stuck in a gaping crater caused by subsidence from a burst water main. But the council
are adamant the episode would have no impact on the proposed transformation of Glasgow's
civic centre.

As exclusively revealed in the Evening Times just weeks ago, the £15m redevelopment of the
square will begin on February 14, with the removal of its historic statues. A Glasgow City Council
spokesman said the burst pipe will "not have any impact" on the square's redevelopment.

However, a civil engineering expert spoke out in light of the bus drama and voiced his concerns
at the lack of attention given to our streets. Ronnie Hunter, vice-chairman of the Institution of Civil
Engineers in Scotland, said: "Throughout Scotland we are concerned adequate money needs
to be given to road maintenance and it is not something that can be ignored. If it is, then you
get issues like this cropping up all the time. Buses exert a particular heavy load near to bus
stops, breaking and traction forces, so its an area you would want to keep an eye on. Sometimes
you get the road surface gets squashed up against the kerb, so its a known weak area and
you'd want to look out for this."

A council spokesman responded: "The incident in George Square would not have been prevented
by any level of investment in our roads, no matter how high. It was a fault underneath the road,
not in the road itself. The council has rapidly increased its investment in roads, spending some
£46m in the last three years. We have also increased the amount we spend on early interventions.
However, we are absolutely clear that the number of defects on the network is still too high
and our goal is to achieve a condition that meets the expectations of road users."

Recently, Glasgow's streets have suffered a number of incidents relating to subsidence and sink holes.
In November, a section of road surface in Sauchiehall Street collapsed to reveal a deep void. There
was also a sinkhole on the junction at Renfrew Street, West Nile and Killermont Street which was
cordoned off for more than two months before being repaired. Mr Hunter said that the most likely
cause of the holes appearing was through water lying underneath the roads. Basement leaks, burst
water mains (like the incident on George Square), broken sewers or even old mine shafts could be
the source of the water damage.

He said: "Glasgow is a large city with a very old infrastructure and therefore you almost have
to expect this. The only way you can mitigate it against it is to carry out pretty constant inspections
and when you find something going on to get in there and fix it. So speed of reaction is actually quite
important. I suspect we're moving towards a reactive time, rather than a pre-emptive time and that's
important to address if you don't want big problems."

Mr Hunter also called for service authorities to take advantage of the oncoming works at the
square to implement any changes. He added: "People who plan that will want to look at that area
in its totality because if you're building something new on top, then you always want to look at
what's below. You don't want to build something new on top, then a service authority comes
along and says they want to renew a mains pipe. That has to be planned into it, so they all have
to be given the opportunity to upgrade or fix their plant before the new works go ahead."

In regards to the bus trapped in George Square, a Scottish Water spokesman said it was an
"isolated incident". He said: "We have currently no plans to replace the water mains network
in George Square."

A council spokesman added: "The council works closely with other bodies, such as utilities, to ensure
that the cause of any fault is identified and all necessary repairs are carried out safely."

James H

I was on the 41 behind the said bus. Took a bloody aeon to get the traffic moving again!

Why are the council so obsessed with George Square? Why can't they listen to people and leave it be? It's bad enough they took the trees away but for once, they need to listen! £15 million would do the roads a world of good including buying some paint for the road markings

In these so called austere times why are they in such a rush to spend 15million on anything that does not need fixed. They will be slated as incompetent at best when a passenger bus falls into one of the sinkholes that keep opening up all over the city. Transport links are already a joke with burst water mains sitting for 14 days before anything is done ... the recent one at the Corner of St Vincent Street and Renfield Street sat for almost 48hours before they even coned it off. the more recent example is the roadway at Parkhead opposite the new Velodrome and the football stadium ... Great advert for the city and its fools if that opens up during the games .... Or a European Footballing night with all the worlds press in attendance ... Bravo the short sightedness of Norman Wisdoms dug needs really to be applauded. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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