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£1bn plan for new housing

£1bn plan for new housing (Evening Times)

Thousands of homes are to be built in eight Glasgow areas in projects costing
at least £1billion.

The communities are East Govan/Ibrox, Gallowgate, Laurieston, Maryhill, North
Toryglen, Red Road, Sighthill and Shawbridge, with the aim of transforming
them along the lines of the highly successful New Gorbals.

As well as houses, there will be new public facilities, green spaces and shops.

The Scottish Government is spearheading the plans and will be joined in the
programme by Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Housing Association and other
local housing bodies.

Insiders estimate that when the combined contribution over the next five to 10
years for the areas is factored in, along with the investment this could then
attract, £1bn is a conservative estimate.

The first meeting of the three major partners will be this month, when it is hoped
they will come up with an initial blueprint.

Plans for Maryhill will aim to provide 400 homes, 300 for owner-occupiers and
100 for tenants at Maryhill Locks.

Proposals for Laurieston initially envisage 300 homes, mainly for rent, with
three more phases over a number of years.

All four phases would bring the total number of new homes in Laurieston to
1700 for rent, private sale and low-cost home ownership. The proposals also
include new health, social services and community facilities, green space and
commercial and retail accommodation.

It would also transform the city’s riverside communities from the border with
South Lanarkshire to Govan.

They will be part of what are known as Transformational Regeneration Areas.


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