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'Bear Park' at/near Cameron House

Does anyone have any info (or pics) about the 'Bear Park' that would've been somewhere near Cameron House?

I remember going there when I small (late 70s?) and there being a helicopter to play in/on. My childs brain told me that the thing could've taken off any moment but it would probably just have been a crude model.
Anyone shed any light?

Well observed Cheesey,
I went there on a school trip around that time when it was called Loch Lomond /Cameron Bear Park.

IIRC The helicopter was parked outside the main house and was the only decent thing worth looking at.
Spent most of the day swinging off the rotors of that M*A*S*H style Helicopter.

Im sure I went on a school trip in the 80's but dont remember much as they still hadnt invented the red thing that makes Dairylee cheese triangles easy to open so spent the trip picking tin foil out my pack lunch.

Didnt they have an old tractor to play on and an astro slide? Everybody lives an astro slide.

Zat not where Hercules was taken so he could get a good pumpin..
I mind going there with the school and seeing Hercules and the bold guy Andy wrestling I had never seen something so big. Dont mind the helicopter but do have vague memories of the bumpy slide and the big doormat.

From the Herald in 1975

And could this be the tractor

From here
Doog Doog

I can vaguely remember a school trip there and the only thing I can think of is the astroslide..

I remember it, but not for the bears.The Loch Lomond music festival was held there, amongst others Saxon, Wings and Wishbone Ash played. It was good!

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