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2014 Charity Calendar

I have created a calendar of auld Hawick photos for our community group Project Hawick and we are selling this for charity. Now, I have just under 50 copies left if anyone is interested. They each contain 13 months (January 2014-January 2015), alongside informative historical captions. The proceeds will be going to Streets Ahead Borders - a Hawick-based charity that provides supported accommodation for adults with learning disabilities - enabling them to live in their own home, participate in the local community, grow relationships, and have an opportunity to make informed decisions about their lives.

Calendars are 5 each

Simply PM me; provide a name, address (and any flat numbers etc.), postcode and the amount of calendars you would like. Cash payments will be accepted for deliveries within Hawick only.

For exiled Teries and non-natives, an official PayPal account has been set-up to receive online payments. If you'd prefer to pay via this method, simply use as the receiving address ('Their email'). There is a 1 charge for delivering within the U.K, and a 3 charge to deliver around the World. We can send you an invoice first if you'd prefer. Delivery over the festive period typically takes between 5-7 working days, so please be patient!

Any further questions can be directed to

I hope everyone had a guid Xmas!

Sample photos below...


How much?

James H

James wrote:
How much?

James H

Dear oh dear - 5 each, this has been added into the text above  

I have just 19 copies of this calendar left - many thanks to the kind folks on UG who have purchased one so far.

Anyone else want a copy?  

There are 7 full days left of January, which means there is still plenty of time to purchase one of our charity calendars - a few copies remain. Simply PM me to receive a discounted price, all for a good cause. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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