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266 Clyde Street - Future demolition?

here's a view of the roof. This is looking westwards, 266 Clyde street is the knackered blond sandstone 3 storey B-listed offices on the side of the Customs House.
There was a top floor fire here the other week, this photo shows the damage is pretty extensive



I honestly fear for the place as its not in keeping with the silver and tin feel of everything that surrounds it.

I would love to be proved wrong and see the place returned to a glorious piece of sandstone architecture on the riverside ... perhaps even as Luxurious flats that will last longer and look better then the five minute wonders springing up just now. I would even take a new silver extension if it incorporated the original fašade and details.
Vinny the Mackem

The whole lot is in a very sorry state.  Obviously the inside is now non existent and will probably require to be removed, but the facade is crumbling away and any trace of intricate details disappearing fast.  You can almost see the building melting away every time you pass it.  
Alex Glass

Took a couple of photos a few weeks ago and forgot to post them

Alex Glass

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