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3 Phase Power Source Needed

Hello Folks.

I am looking for somebody with a 3 Phase power source which I can use to test a studwelder on. Reason being is that I sell stuff on ebay and rather selling as "sold as seen", I would like to say whether it at least turns on or not (would imagine it would make it more sellable).
I can offer recompense if so desired :).


Sorry mods if you do not approve of this type of thing. Feel free to move/delete.


Dont tell me you don't know what a 3 phase power source is, everybody know's that Stu.

I know what a 3 phase supply is.... I'm just lost why someone post that in here

To see if it works .... Did you no read it    

It was either urbanglasgow, or  (these were the first to forums I found).
The other forum would have found my request nestled in between a request for a sexual encounter and somebody looking to score some weed.

At least I put it in "Random Rubbish"!!

This isn't a forum for buying and selling stuff, so....


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