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35 Reid Street

Looking for a picture of 35 Reid Street (near Bridgton).
Discovered my Father's father was born there in 1871, name of
Alexander Dodds. Hoping for some kind of contact with the
family as my father was orphaned and lost all touch.

Thank you

Only picture available on Virtual Mitchel


The 1914 valuation rolls aren't much good... nobody with that name there

Thank you!

This IS helpful. I know Alexander was born at 35 Reid St in 1871, and probably emigrated to the US in 1892-3. His fathers name was Alexander as well, his mother's Janet, formerly M. J. Grant. I'm trying to find out if there were any other siblings, or descendants that I could track.

Thanks very much for your help.

Got my info from 1871 Census for Bridgton Area, page 482, entry #1445

I found a record from the April 1871 census and it shows an Alexander Dodds aged 5 (father Robert and mother Agnes)at this time. If you want the full PDF file, send me your email in a PM and I will forward it to you. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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