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A Balloch band from the seventies

Back in the mid-seventies I dated a singer called Andrina (Drina) Clark (or Clarke, maybe). While I knew her she joined a Balloch based band called The Creation and I think they became "Andrina and the Creation". It was a cover band and played mostly the workingmens clubs along the West Coast. I've lost contact with Andrina decades ago, but if anyone remembers those 4 or 5 Balloch guys, or Andrina...let me know. I have a photo if anyone's interested, or has a clue....

Get the photo posted and stop dragging it out lol

Sure it isn't spelt Andreana?

Stuball wrote:
Sure it isn't spelt Andreana?

I'm almost 90% certain it was Andrina, NOT Andreana...but the fog of time...ya know.
I'll look for the photos... Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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