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A Right Good Dunt !!!

For those people from stage and screen you would just like to give a good Smack in the face !!
(No footballers, Sports stars, or Politicians)

In order of merit your top 3 and your reasons...


1. Alan Carr Chatty Man ... Would never tire of doing his dental work with a knuckle sandwich his bloody voice grates on my nerves...

2. Jimmy Carr ... He looks like a ventriloquists dummy only not as funny.

3. Jeremy Kyle ... Exploiter of the hard of thinking and a smarmy bastard...

1) Colin and Justin of lavvy and cheap light selling fame .. (if they don't count as one choice I want to know the reason why.) My reason? Any man who finishes another man's sentence (unless it's in the Bar-L) needs recalibrated in my book.

2) David Starkey .. because if ever there was a man who could benefit from having his visage reduced to half a stone of mince, it's him.

3) And as Cybers has my 'favourite' two comedians covered already I'm going for James Corden. That obnoxious fat prick could be doing with the air let out him a bit.

1) Kelvin MacKenzie - vile right-wing bastard who, for some reason, is never off BBCs Question Time

2) Richard Littlejohn - vile right-wing bastard

3) Kay Burley (a woman just to prove I'm not sexist) - vile thick-as-pigshit right-wing bastard

You may or may not have noticed a patern in the above selections...

James H

Ever so slightly.  

Lauren Booth.  I read a variety of newspapers, or their websites, from the Daily Mail to the Morning Star and I have never encountered such a self serving, victim status seeking, offence searching obsessive, coat tail jumping (and when it's the coat tails of the two she is riding on that is desperation), columnist with such a determination to place herself and her poor diddly life in the centre of whatever pish she has been somehow paid to write. She was bad enough in the New Statesman a few years back but is even sorse now

Tom Utley.  For no other reason than petty jealousy as he is reportedly paid £160,000 per year for that.  The article he penned the other week about  Catholic guild despite being lapsed struck a chord but was it worth almost four grand?  Again - pure jealousy.

Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove (at times).  They typify the "we can say what we want about anyone else but if it is returned the chip on the shoulder crap comes out.  I like their show and enjoy both their newspaper appearances but the constant childish anti-English jibes would be banter if they weren't the first to take offence whenever a comment is decreed critical of us.  I am aware the Cosrgrove Mum is English but that makes no difference.  Though I am not blaming them for this their stance is exactly the same as the mindset of the pished neds that ruined the darts at the SECC last Thursday.  The excuse of "well they (a reference to all English darts fans - whish is a lie) boo our player so we poured can chuck sh*t and por beer over him and the young woman escorting him onto the stage reminds me of Cowan and Cosgrove's mentality.  

Doog Doog

1. John Inverdale for saying repeatedly that Scotland had a narrow win against Italy on yesterdays 6 Nations rugby coverage....the score was 22-8!  Hardly a narrow win methinks!

2.That 'she-male' dealer on Dickinson's real deal.Canny stand him/her!

3.Those 2 tw@ts that host Masterchef. I would like them to try and tell me
ma homemade indian curry was crap!

Harry Hill & his juvenile face pulling humour. just makes me cringe.


Jock58 wrote:
Harry Hill & his juvenile face pulling humour. just makes me cringe.


Cmon Jock thats only one needs to be 3 in order of preference ...

ruby wax,unfunny loudmouth american.
john barrowman,just gets right on my tits.
claire grogan,her voice goes right through me.

1. Michelle McManus + Steven Jardine embarrassed by their accents and the impression they are giving the rest of the Britain of Scots idea of a good programme in fact even the stylist on the show always looks a mess,and should be shot for letting Michelle loose on the show in the outfits she dresses her in.Steven has eyes like a chimp. well ye did ask
2.Bernard Ponsenby, have met him and think he is a biased reporter.
3.Anita Manning . another wee face a wid like tae smash

nellienaeneck wrote:
1. Michelle McManus + Steven Jardine
2.Bernard Ponsenby
3.Anita Manning .

Cmon nellie ... must include the reasons we must know why Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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