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A Warming Christmas Tale.

Just thought I'd relay a wee tale of warmth .. my niece Lucy has, in the past few months, taken to reading, quite avidly actually, and over the course of the week or so preceding Christmas visited Waterstones in town for the launch of children's novelist Ross McKenzie's début tome, "Zack and The Dream Pirates".

By all accounts Mr McKenzie was very warm and funny and chatted away freely with the children at the signing session that followed the official launch.

Now .. my niece is no stranger to a chat, if you know what I mean, and gassed away with said author for some time before getting around to having her book signed and went away a happy little monkey.

After having avidly devoured aforementioned work, in double quick time I hasten to add, she decided (completely off her own bat) to write to Mr McKenzie and say how much she enjoyed his book .. her little email went as follows:

Now, email sent and her sense of duty sated she forgot all about her correspondence and got on with the very important work of being her adorable wee self .. but not for very long though as, that very night, Mr McKenzie took the time to reply .. and with some style and substance, I may add:

Imagine her delight at discovering she'll actually 'be in' his next book .. I swear I could almost hear the 'SQUEEEEE!' from Knightswood .. and she lives in the sticks of Paisley!!

Anyways, a bout of running around screaming like a banshee on strong amphetamine based stimulants and she sent the following in reply, along with an addendum from my lovely, and equally appreciative, sister:

All in all, I think you'll agree, a nice wee Christmas story with a lovely happy ending involving happy kids, proud mums and one very kind and diligent author who took the time out of an obviously busy schedule to make a young reader new to the world of 'big books' a very happy bunny indeed.

I think the bloke deserves a pat on the back .. failing that, keep an eye out for his titles for your kids , even though Christmas is past, and reward a guy who obviously holds the folks who hold his work in high regard in equally high esteem.

I'm almost ashamed to say.... it made me smile

but I'm still a MAN!

Doog Doog

That's excellent!

Great story Doorstop.. and as a result I'll look out for the books and get them for my wee ones too

Brilliant tale, Doorstop !

Given your very excited niece is around the same age as the kids I teach, I'll have to search out Ross McKenzie's book and read it to them.  I always love it when kids react so positively to a book that they read or to a book that I read to them !

Again, a very heart warming story at the right time of the year,


Thanks gents .. I honestly think that sort of stuff deserves a bit of encouragement. So many Omniplonkers'  just take whatever's coming and fail to remember who actually sent it there in the first place.

Thanks for keeping an eye open lads .. for what it's worth my sister, herself quite an avid and astute reader, reports it's actually quite good. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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