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Abandoned building in Linn Park

I was out for a walk last week and discovered this abandoned building on the banks of the white Cart. It was quite near to a large dam like structure protruding into the river. Any idea as to what purpose it served? Was this some sort of mill? There was also a strange metal boiler/industrial looking cylinder buried near it. Seems as if it's some sort of jakey drinking den at the minute with hundreds of cans littering the inside of it (I didn't go in as that roof with the tree resting on it looks quite precarious!) I'd be grateful for any info that would satisfly my curiousity!

Abandoned building in Linn Park by George McLaughlin, on Flickr

It's a former substation for the mill that was there. If you look around the walls, there is a SSEB sign somewhere

Thats at the bottom end of the Millholm paper mill site. The mill was still there until about 15 years ago and before they knocked the mill down, maybe around 1985 there was a garden centre that used this building and the compound around about it.

Suffered badly from vandals and break ins so only lasted one summer from what I remember.

I also remember when the top of the weir was complete and you could walk from one side to the other but the river was high about 1995 and a tree broke through the top line of stones. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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