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Admirality Naval Stores in Bridgeton

I lived in Fordneuk st in Bridgeton , and my grannys house in a tenement  was right next to this place belonging to the Amirality and three of  my aunties worked in the naval stores there during the war.. but I cant find anything at all about the place which became Gilmour and Deans printers until the 60s.. The place seems to have disappeared into history..

Many of these places were never released from the O.S.A and still retain "Top Secret" listings even though in some cases the building and occupier may well be long gone.

"Loose Lips Sinks Ships"

What number in Fordneuk?

94 or 95 Stu, used to be Mills to start with way back then in the 50s and 60s was Gilmour and Dean but this WW2 time seems to be missing, might be as Cybers said...

In 1914, number 95/97 was an office and shop owned by William Tate & co, Wholesale Stationers

The other side of the street has a at 180 but I can't read the fine detail on it except for it being occupied by a John P. F. Small, who also owned the pawn shop next door.
Number 100 was the Barrowfield Ironworks foundry and the next number was 70, a tenement by the looks of the record

So the foundry you found must have become Wilsons Pipe Fitters who made pipes for the army  Ive been told... I remember the pawn at the foot of the street but didnt know all this.. thanks for the time and effort Stu, much appreciated...Stu even Secret Scotland dont know about the Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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