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Advice required

I am trying to scan a load of photographs from a book but the results are awful...not really used a scanner much since getting into computing no I am a total novice..also any tips on shooting pics of these photographs would be much appreciated  l..thanks
Lone Groover

Usually scanners work pretty well for this sort of thing.

Try opening up the scanner programme, then look for something like scanner settings. What you might try is to increase the resolution that the pics are scanner at - this makes for better quality but uses a up a bit more disc space.

When i scan a picture I usually run it through a basic photoshop or similar thing to even out the levels.

Good luck.

How can you say you're a novice at scanning Kev, when you're own photos are of excellent quality!

I don't have a flatbed scanner: only a dedicated 35mm negative/transparency job, so when I have to reproduce photos where there is no negative, I simply mount my camera on my tripod and take a photo of it, using the macro setting if necessary. Don't use flash, and avoid photos that are very glossy, or have curled up.

If you intend reproducing photos from a book on a website, do be careful about copyright issues.

Neil....have to be honest here and say it was my old dear who scanned in the eighties pics..she kind of a showed me how but i wasnt paying attention.
Anyway she is off spening my inheritance on a cruise.. which is superb
but I canny work her scanner..will figure it out
Your second point.. what is it ok to put on Urban Glasgow?
Is an out of print book with great photos that like minded people want to see ok to post here. No commercial gain ,just a coming together of the history of the city. Pictures taken by people who would have had no idea that they could eventualy be viewed in such a manner as the internet. That cant be it?

I totally agree with you, Kev: it's just that I understand there have been issues on Forums with regards reproduction of images from 3rd party sources - perhaps one of the moderators could clarify the position? Forum Index -> Other Photography
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