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Ruchazie Rat

Alba & Suil Air

Alba is back on Freeview Ch8 on Fri 8.30pm, and repeated the same time on the following Sunday.  (Suil Air, same channel, is very much the same but twice as long, 60 mins, and also interspersed with interviews with the public, along with the archive footage.  They cover the 60`s, 70`s, 80`s and 90`s).  Currently, Alba`s working through the 1980`s.

Last night`s ep featured news footage from demos/marches in George Square.  Aside from a much appreciated trip down memory lane, these two shows also offer the chance to cull photos (locations, people, transport, etc), which could be posted on these boards.

It`s possible, since both shows have been on before, they may already be on Youtube.  So, if not in Scotland or UK, you can still enjoy these.    

Thanks for the heads up Mr Rat  
Ruchazie Rat

This week`s episode, repeated tomorrow at 8.30pm, has a nice segment about 20 mins in, on the Glasgow`s Miles Better Campaign.

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