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All day parking

I saw on my way home tonight that someone is levelling out the land at the site of the old Albany hotel between Bothwell street and Waterloo street just before you go on to the motorway slip road. The sign says all day parking 20.
I cant see them doing a roaring business at that price especially with a lot of ones near to argyll street charging 3.50 to 5 for the same thing.


I see the sign has now changed to 10. Still not very busy though but nice to see something being done with the space rather than it lying empty.

Charlie Endell

I didn't even notice it had been demolished   !

Demolished November 2007

IMG_4687 by stuballscramble, on Flickr

IMG_4686 by stuballscramble, on Flickr
Charlie Endell

Sorry, I was getting it mixed up with the Marriott   . Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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