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Amazing bubble burst

The snap - taken at a shutter speed of one-500th of a second with a special macro lens - show the spectacular hail of droplets formed as a soap bubble is burst.

by photographer Richard Heeks


That is absolutely incredible!  


James H
wee minx


oooh great!


Doog Doog


Brilliant, I saw the pics in todays paper, but they look much better here  

Superb pics..........
wee minx

I fancy trying that, how do you make a good long lasting doesn't blow away or burst too soon bubble?

I wonder what camera he used?

Although it says the shutter speed was 1/500th of a second the duration between shots must have been something ridiculously small.

I know my Lumix wouldn't look anywhere near it and after a cursory Google I don't see many others that would.

Something like a canon 1DS mkIII.... can shoot off 24 frames a second

I stand corrected then.

Bloody amazing that .. a photo every 0.04 seconds .. over a full econd .. damned clever these orientals.

My 40D will do about 7 frames a second and shoot as fast as 1/8000 of a second
wee minx

Well that just burst my bubble  Forum Index -> Other Photography
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