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Amberley Publishing - Glasgow Through Time

Dear All,

Amberley Publishing, the UK's fastest-growing local and specialist interest publisher, is currently looking for new or experienced authors to contribute to our exciting Through Time series of local history books.

In your area we have the following potential title: Glasgow Through Time.

The Through Time concept is a ninety-six page, then-and-now picture book, containing around ninety old photographs, each paired with a new photograph in full colour, to show how the same scene, or a related one, has changed over time. Each pair of photographs has a short descriptive caption.

I can of course supply any further information as required via email.

Kind regards,
Sian Griffiths


Hi Sian

When you say authors are you looking for people to help with the narrative or people who are willing to contribute photographs for your publication ? Forum Index -> Events and Recommendations
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