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sue ault


A while ago someone put on here the Ballachulish slate quarry works. I noticed some of the marker signs had photos of the slate quarry workers. My X 3 & 4 great grandfathers were 1805 and 1771 were both slate quarrier's at ballachulish.
is there any way I can get hold of the images i would love to see them, I Live in Lincolnshire and unless I save and have a holiday to Scotland I won't get to see the images.
I was reading about the clearances and the potato famine and was wondering what on earth if it wasn't for these reasons made my x 2 grandfather James Clark leave Appin and end up in Lambeth Surrey where he Married a young English Woman.    

                       Sue ault

The person who posted the photos has been made aware of this post Sue and hopefully will get back to you very soon. I had hoped this year to get up and take some photos within the quarry for Guy Fawkes night but alas i will not be making it.
Alex Glass

Hi Sue

I will locate the photos and would be happy to pass on any that you would like. I was back up there earlier this year an also last year and have a few photos of Glencoe and Ballachulish and would be happy to pass them on to you. Will be in touch soon. Alex Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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