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Anderston and surrounding area

More information on the disctrict here:

A wander around the area from 14/05/2012

Sculptures outside B.T.'s Alexander Bain House, York Street

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Did you scale the fence or did someone finally pop a slat?

Its all open on the West side to building works Stu they are finishing the bloody thing... Seen the big crane go in last week and just thought it was to do with the filming of Fast 6 ... but its had Doozers from Fraggle Rock all over it all week.
Delmont St Xavier

What a sorrowful area this has become - my family all came from the 'original Anderston' area and when you see the old photos and family memories of what used to be and what is now....

Amazes me that certain areas in Glasgow were viewed as being sacrificial and other areas were untouchable.

Stuball wrote:
Did you scale the fence or did someone finally pop a slat?

This was in May. No scaffolding, just some gymnastics!  

Delmont, I've known nothing but the area it is now. Just old photos, stories and maps to keep me entertained.
Delmont St Xavier

As a child, I have vivid memories of Stobcross, Shaftesbury, Port Street and Grace Street.  I also remember the street that is the original Argyll (Argyle) street where the 'Buttery' is.  I remember the cemetery around the area of the Marriot Hotel but these are far distant memories and only snapshot views.

The Evening Times done a series of photos of Bygone Glasgow and in one isssue they covered the whole area of Anderston - it was astonishing to see.  Sadly, I don't have the supplement but would love to see it again.


Thanks for some great pictures of Anderston.  As my Granny lived in Crimea Street, I spent a lot of time there as a 5 - 10 year old in the late 1950s before my family emigrated to Australia at the end of 1960.

Two of your pictures, if my memory serves me right, are of significance to me.

One showing '... the development provides 7 storeys ...' shows the corner of Crimea Street and Carrick Street where my Granny lived in a top floor single end (middle right of picture) and the other '... N to Charing Cross ... ' shows what I am sure is St Patricks Church where I regularly went to Sunday Mass when staying with my Granny.

I also had a great Granny who lived in William Street !

Thanks for rekindling old memories !

Alex Glass

This is a fine piece of work Hawick.

Well done.

Like how you also detailed the developments that were intended but never happened.


Alex Glass wrote:
Like how you also detailed the developments that were intended but never happened.

Wish I could claim this as my own, but these were courtesy of Hidden Glasgow - referred to by me as 'the dark side' in that post.  

I noticed the scaffolding on those two footbridges, why finish them off now?
Good photos Hawick_1987
I have the feeling that what they demolished in the 60s and 70s was more pleasing on the eye that the Anderston centre, a White Elephant
Still, I have to say the new builds are a big improvment
Glasgow Loon

The Anderston Centre reminds me of the old overgate centre in dundee.

Thankfully the overgate was knocked down and rebuilt.

Are there any plans to knock the Anderston Centre down?

That has troubled me for years what it was The Overgate reminded me of.


And from another angle! Friend and I went wandering with cameras today, couldn't resist checking it out. :)


I always wanted to walk along the Bridge to Nowhere when it was still a bridge to nowhere but I moved away before I got the chance :(

Does anyone have any photos of the Charing Cross Podium before Tay House was built on it? I used to work for the CICA in Tay House and our office was in that part of the building.

Hi Kevin_Mc
Check out my Black and White photos of Glasgow, I may have a photo of it

Excellent shots!
Vinny the Mackem

24 May 2013


Used to love the scenic elevator in this building when i had to go here daily.

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