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Mahdi West

Argyll Motor Works, Alexandria

The Former Argyll Lodge

Mahdi West

Mahdi West

And a few of the inside.


Mahdi West wrote:

I love the cherub's with the vuvuzela's.    
Doog Doog

I've no been in there for years.

Nice pics Mahdi  
Mahdi West

I liked the how the managed to put a car amongst the cherubs Jagz.
Bit of a difference in how they conceived their buildings when you look at something like Rolls Royce at Inchinnan; a big shed compared to a work of art.
First time I'd been in it. I could be wrong, but wasn't it a vintage car museum before they converted into a shopping outlet?

Mahdi....very interesting set of the motor works.    

the car place is still around there .i seen an ad for it last week.

I mind as a wean getting a wander round the rolls factory at hillington as part of a project and remember my dissapointment they never actually made cars in the same factory.
Though i did get an awfy lot of info on what we were there for regarding the battle of britain and the famous spitfire icluding a great set of stories from an auld guy that worked for them during the war and how the spirit was how hitler would never win...
Try rallying that spirit these days with the conviction they had back then and some dafty with a clipboard would no doubt complain the men were working too hard.

The alexandra outlet still has a museum come exhibit hall ... cant remember who but pretty sure someone posted something from it last year ... usually has "The Cars of James Bond" every year too ...

Is this the same company that were in Brigton.. nice photos there...

I'm sorry to say the Motoring Heritage Centre in the basement of the old Argyll factory has been shut for a wee while now.

The cars there were either returned to their owners or went to other motoring related collections.

Rivet counter fact - What might be of interest to those who were able to visit before it closed this collection was housed in the original stores area for the Argyll Motor Co.

P.S. I'm one of the orginal rivet counters! LOL!  

Sorry about the quality, taken way back in 2003:

Rear of building:


Yes the Cars of the Stars closed quite a while ago now.
Went a wee trip there when it was open.
Some of the outside

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