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WOOPS SORRY WRONG PLACE (dont know how to delete  (''))

Middle of nowhere CentraL Australia

Billabong at dawn Hungerford Queensland

Sliding sideways down Birdsville track Central Australia

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge...

Thank you

Desert art on abandonned "Ghan" railway. Note the head is a car

A long road (Simpson Desert)

A reminder for Joyce

On a cold winter's day

 Nice ozneil - keep them coming.

James H

Didya fill'er up?????


Struth mate 310 miles till the next dunny  

Great set of shots like james said keep em comin...

Do we really really need the kitchen sink???

Autumn Campsite early morning in high country New England NSW  ranges

You just cannot get decent staff now!!!!


ozneil wrote:

You just cannot get decent staff now!!!!

I thought at first the little guy was skewered and roasting in his fur jacket
Jeezo thats a camp... what happened to the days of a candlewick cover, bike, wellies and a general pointer towards the campsies  

Superb stuff Neil .. keep 'em rolling in. We love all the overseas stuff here.

Useful Information

Made it!!!

Water up to door moulding. Waded it twice before risking it. Otherwise wait on creek subsiding or 400 mile detour

I telt ye it wiz tae saft

About to tow mate outa the Glaur with a snatch strap ( it stretches then springs back giving a good stong pull) just off Birdsville track.

This one a bit different from Google Earth. showing Road across Simpson Desert.

The Do nuts on the clay pan are not made by aliens or guys playing silly buggers but trucks building up speed to get over dune on right of pic


lol Used to have to do that here shale-bing riding with the motocrosser ... Great photo set ... and a much needed distraction  

Just like Ro'say at the ferr

Thats better

Dee Why Headland, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Great photos, OzNeil !

Thought I'd throw this one of my own in, taken on trip across the Nullarbor in January of this year.  It's a good reminder of he size of the country.


Wow you could fall asleep driving that fecker i get bored as hell with the straight bit between shotts and airdrie about a 3 miles stretch  

Hi tombro. See Im not alone. You didnt play the worlds longest Golf Course crossing the Nullabor? ( they have one hole at each little town  & roadhouse sometimes 400km apart)  (if this is against rules please delete)


We look after our wildlife even providing Pelicans with foot warmers

This guy sits on top of a lamp on a bridge crossing a tidal lagoon watching for fish. When he sees one he dives down and grabs it. (Northern Beaches Sydney)

The council were going to put spikes on the lamp but there was such an out cry they abandonned the idea.

Pic of our posey new BBQ table loused up by a cupla birds!  

(Pair King Parrots ... male has red pants on)

"Open the effen window "

My local beach

Some birds need a little more help than others when looking out for a feed.

This poor wee bugger relies on charity at Mandurah in Western Australia.  I gave him a wee bit of my pie !


Always like the magpies except at nesting time when they will go for you!

En-route to hot springs West of Birdsville we were stopped by the Diamontina River which was flowing for first time in 10 years

Luckily salvation was not far back

Birdsville Hotel

The thriving Metropolis of Birdsville. Its not every Pub that has an aeroplane park outside the door

coutesy Google Earth

HMB Endeavour (replica), Captain Cook's ship, moored at National Maritime Museum with Sydney's Central Business District in background


Emergency Train repairs Melbourne (note drive'rs description of breakdown)

These two trains aren't !

I've just spent a holiday in the Gulf Country of North Queensland and enjoyed my wee trip on both.

Both are true icons among Australian Trains.

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