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Ballroom blitz will lead Barras upmarket

Ballroom blitz will lead Barras upmarket (Evening Times)

GLASGOW'S world-famous Barrowland Ballroom is being lined up as the centrepiece
of rejuvenation plans for the city's Barras Market area.

Plans would see The Barras rebranded as a "music-related market destination"
and open seven days a week to stimulate investment and boost visitor numbers.

The details come a month after it was revealed the market's traders had drawn up
a comprehensive action plan aimed at protecting it from being axed by Glasgow City

The traders have grown exasperated with the criminal gangs peddling contraband
and counterfeit goods at the Barras and are equally concerned that they not getting
value for their rent money.

As part of efforts to overhaul the area marketed as unique tourist destinations, the
city council has looked at London's Camden Market and other market areas in
Europe as a template for success.

Local authority chiefs say that the proximity of the Barrowland could be a revitalised
Barras trump card.

A report being developed by the authority states: "There is an opportunity to promote
the Barras Market as a specialist destination. One idea would be to capitalise on
the co-location of the Barrowland music venue within the Barras Market in the creation
of a vibrant music-related marketplace.

"The extension of market operations to seven days a week would generate much
more activity around the area and would encourage other associated uses to set up
within close proximity to the market.

"On weekdays and in the evenings, the markets are closed and the area is relatively
empty. The only areas which do provide some evening activity are around Barrowland
where concerts and gigs are held throughout the year, and at the entrances to

Other proposals include a tourist trail connecting the Barras with the People's Palace,
expansion of the creative and cultural industries based in the Merchant City eastwards
and a market traders mentoring scheme' to encourage new businesses to start-up in
the Barras.

The internationally recognised Project for Public Spaces group, said: "With the right plan,
business mix, and management a public market can represent a real step forward for
the enhancement of the local economy."

James H

Its already a Music destination you can watch bands there on a friday night and buy the hookey CD on the saturday  

On a more serious note its good to see a plan that involves better opening hours for the market though.
Looks like the old girl will be preserved at least for another generation to enjoy the best live acoustics in the city.

Geordie's Byre

The Ballroom


Merlot...thanks for bringing back old memories      great pics pal    

Nice pics:).The Barrowlands as a venue is ace,And if they can improve on the area thats brilliant as well Great area for a rock bar.etc.The area needs to reopen train station at the cross or Glasgow green stn.The cross was always busy when the station was opened.Crossrail hub stn would bring the whole area back to life.

well done Merlot.. good wee day at the Barrowland, of course I had to check out the mens toilets

ladies loo..

stainless steel lavvies.. from the past


 Jezzzooo still goat the same auld bouncers then      
btw crackin pics Calamity      

Its been awile since i could bounce Beano.


DBH...sorry mate    lovely photo's pal    

Advert for The Barrowland 1944


dukeboxhero wrote:
Advert for The Barrowland 1944

Why the two prices for the evening dancing?
2/6d or 3/- did the 3 shillings get you a lumber?

Awesome pictures! How did you get into the ballroom to take them?

just contact the Barrowland on their site and talk to Tom Joyes, he ll make sure ye get a tour of the place...

barrowland is taking part in this years open doors.

Any idea when the barrowland open door woould be? Ive done one at Brixton Academy and it was amazing!

Calamity,do you have any contacts details? the emails on there dont work unfortunately Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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