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Alex Glass

Barrhead, East Renfrewshire

Arthurlie FC ground

Levern Walkway



Hames aye hame

I hae walked in noble cities.
Where life's fullest pulses beat:
I ken rare spots of beauty,
Where the sea and river meet
But, abune them a' I love the Vale.
Where Levern hurries doon;
For I ken nae spot sae kindly
As mine ain grey toon.

You may leave its lanes behind You,
And go trampin' roon the globe,
At Fortune's heels, and pechin' sair,
To catch her glitterin' robe;
Ye may camp by rosy mountains,
Or the shores of magic seas;
But nocht can dim the beauty,
Of the broom on Fereneze.

It's neither big nor bonnie;
It's neither great nor grand;
It boasts nae show like Princes Street,
Or Broadway, or the Strand;
Its lanes are scruff and glaury,
And romance ne'er kept its name:
But it hauds a place in a' oor herts,
For Hame's Aye Hame.

Let them that like it settle doon,
On mony a foreign strand,
And choose their graves by Afric's shore,
Or Indus, or the Grand;
But gie me still my ain grey nest,
Aye hertsome, aye the same ;
For, East or West, auld weys are best,
And Hame's aye Hame.

Robert Murray.
Formerly M.P. for West Renfrewshire.
Editor of the "Scottish Co-operator".
Local Historian

Taken from mine ain grey toon, a history of Barrhead.
Alex Glass

Welcome to Urban Glasgow John.

Nice fine.

Any more?

Well it's a book written by a Barrhead historian James McWhirter around the 70's i think, pretty hard to find but i managed to borrow a copy a few years back and scanned it into my PC knowing i will probably never see a copy again..
The only reason i posted the poem was i seen the 'Borrheid' thread and i'm trying to convert the scanned jpgs into a text format so figured WTH!..
The book itself starts with the Brythonic Celts in Levern Valley and finishes off in 1914..Sure it would be interesting book if you can find it


Earlier this year I actually did part of the Barrhead Heritage Trail - yes, such
a thing exists - but I mainly just took pics of the plaques...

James H

I fixed the text and spelling in the poem,should've checked the OCR had correctly recognised some of the letters..Should make some sense now  

113m plan will put the heart back into hard-hit Barrhead

IT WAS once one of Scotland's industrial powerhouses - famous throughout the
world for its engineering, pottery and bathroom fittings.

Barrhead was sustained through most of the 20th century by heavy industry,
which employed thousands of workers and sparked a housing boom.

But the heart was ripped out of town by the decline in manufacturing.

Over the past two decades, more than 1500 jobs were lost as major employers,
such as Armitage Shanks, Volvo, Nestle and Arriva, left the area.

But now finally work is set to start on a 113million masterplan to revive
Barrhead's fortunes and create new homes, shops, community facilities and
transport links.

The 10-year strategy includes a new supermarket, college, train station,
affordable homes, civic square and an 18m health centre.

It aims to attract millions of pounds of fresh investment and hundreds of
new jobs.

Councillor Eddie Phillips, who represents Auchenback, one of the town's most
deprived areas, said: "I think these various projects will change the psyche
of the whole of Barrhead.

"We have talked about it for years but it's finally starting to happen.

"People here will feel more confident because they will be able to see the
town actively regenerate around them. There is nothing like concrete and
brick to make people feel that progress is being made."

Most of the 113m will come from the private sector but the council is set
to contribute around 10m.

The first phase is scheduled to start around Easter with improvements to Glen
Street. The road surface will be realigned and widened to improve access to
the proposed site for a new supermarket.

James H

Great, more congestion for Main St ...

I got a new bathroom fitted a few months ago,only found out after it was fitted it was Armitage Shanks.Would've been nice if it was made here.  
Mahdi West

Main Street

The signalbox at Barrhead station

Barrhead station

This was the Paisley & Barrhead District Railway line. Looking north from Blackbyres Road

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