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Barrowlands music?

Hi there.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what sort of music would be played in the Barrowlands Ballroom through nights in the late 60s. Was it still very much a dance hall with live musicians, any specific memories?

I was a regular dancer at Barrowland in the late 50'/60's in those day's we didnt have "DJ's" they were called  "the guy's that played the records".
some night we had a full orchestra or a live rock & roll band.
and on a Saturday afternoon that was youngsters time

Music during the 60's was live. Band was called 'Billy McGregor and the Gaybirds' who mostly did chart/pop covers of the era. My dad was the trumpet player.  

Live band onstage with occassional new groups.. but downstairs at Geordies Byre with a DJ was much better... Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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