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BBC Project looking for Rephotographs

BBC Project looking for Rephotographs (past presents)

I hate this rash of lazy journalism that seems to be everywhere just now.
The T&C's of the BBC website are enough to make you spew after all they will be able to sell your shots world wide if you are not careful...
It's all down to the unique way the BBC is funded.
You pay a T.V Licence for them to produce dross and then they turn to you to produce something worthwhile.
Pretty sure I had this rant before  

Every Journalistic site on the web now has a send us you pictures and video button.
One day not too long ago you would have been paid for your input...

Now they want to be paid for your input  

Damn send me your images  

The ET had a list of "story rewards" in the office for the vendors.
top payment "front page exclusive with pics" 50 down to 5 for giving the paper a viable lead.
A vendor called in about an armed robbery but since he had no pics all he got was 15
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