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Ellie Priestman

BBC2 series: The Great Interior Design Challenge

The Great Interior Design Challenge is returning to BBC2 later this year and we are looking for new properties to feature in the series. To explain the series for anyone not already familiar with it, it’s a really simple premise: the main purpose of the series is to showcase the amazing talents of Britain’s amateur interior designers by allowing them to redesign a room in a period property. We have specifically chosen a number of areas across the UK that we feel represent some of the greatest and most important architectural styles in Britain, and we’d love to include an episode on the historic tenements in Glasgow.

The series is not only a great excuse to showcase the talents of our interior designers, but also to delve into the history of the housing and architecture of each area. Each episode will feature three amateur designers who each transform a room in three neighbouring properties (ideally located along the same street or within the same block).

Outside of the main design contest, the presenter, Tom Dyckhoff, the BBC’s culture and architectural correspondent, will be exploring the history and background of each location, examining the architectural style of the properties featured and their cultural backdrop.

If any tenement owners are interested in finding out more about the series and how they can be involved, please email or telephone 0207 534 2009.

With many thanks,
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