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Before & After # 5

This game is to help us with our post processing.

I post a picture . You mash it pimp it, shake it, change it or trash it in any way you want !

The game will last 5 days. And whoever posts the best edit (judged by the original poster) wins and carries on the game by naming the next thread Before & After #6 and posting an image of their own.

1. Post processing techniques must be included with your edit (filters used, contrast, unsharp mask etc)
2. Don't comment on any picture until the winner has been decided.
3. Be subtle or go mental, it's up to you.

Baton passed to me by default (Thanks LG)

This round will close on Sunday 21st


roughly.. it took longer to remember what i had done, than the image  

virtual photographer-old newspaper
dodge & burn
alien skin ..burnt edges
autofx - dreamsuite - poloroid
time: 12-15 mins


created a new layer in photoshop.

inverted the pic.

then used the difference button.

then buggered about with the hue and saturation.


Abandoned Harbour

1. Duplicate layer, Desaturated boats
2. Add tree shot t won layer
3. Erase extra tree trunks/branches
4. Dirty water a wee bit
5. Clone stamp
6. Flatten/finish


All great ones but for me its UHB
Just because i have this thing just now for fake antique as i thought they were all excellent.
Next round if you will !!!

Excellent stuff!
The bar was clearly far too high for me this time  Forum Index -> Other Photography
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