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Before & After #6

This game is to help us with our post processing.

I post a picture . You mash it pimp it, shake it, change it or trash it in any way you want !

The game will last 5 days. And whoever posts the best edit (judged by the original poster) wins and carries on the game by naming the next thread Before & After #7 and posting an image of their own.

1. Post processing techniques must be included with your edit (filters used, contrast, unsharp mask etc)
2. Don't comment on any picture until the winner has been decided.
3. Be subtle or go mental, it's up to you.

This round will close on December 29th (extra days as xmas in middle hope nobody minds)

cheers to Cybers

Lone Groover

Just a quickie...


1. Beat the original location out of Unh@ppyb@st@rd
2. Went there at night
3. Fought off three werewolves.
4. Took pic.
5. Slapped it on the board.

sorry forgot to put location incase anybody missed great big pineapple    Dunmore Pineapple

Lone groover looks like your winner  

ps this is what i did with it

Lone Groover

I was up against stiff competition here !

Can I suggest we give it a rest for a couple of weeks then re start ?
wee minx

Good idea...i was gonna make the pineapple bit a real pineapple..but time Forum Index -> Other Photography
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