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Bellahouston Park

When I got up this afternoon, I took a walk through the sunny Bellahouston Park. Walking up from Paisley Road West gate, I noticed some grey concrete blocks in the grass which I thought was unusual and did'nt have a clue what they were. When I reached the Sunken Gardens at the top of the hill, I found the flowers had been replaced by these blocks. They are in a line from the road and have information carved in them about things such as Glasgows former history and lists of formers cinemas.

The Line from Paisley Road West

The original Sunken Garden entrance

The Sunken Garden

The new entrance

From above

I havent found any information on this art installation yet. The plaque at the top is blank and the webpage still has the sunken garden listed as containing flowers

Nice pics mate.


‘Glasgow Roots’ by award winning Gareth Hoskins Architects, traces a line south to north across the hill with the relics of a former mansion and the base of what was ‘Tait’s Tower’, icon of the Empire Exhibition of 1938, as the centre point or fulcrum. A thin ribbon of indigenous meadow plants sweeps upwards to a grid-like arrangement of stone and concrete blocks set within the former basement/footprint of Bellahouston House. Further individual blocks, etched with references to Glasgow’s development seem to spill in a line, at seemingly random angles down the grass slopes towards the City centre.

Nice pics Stu  

I saw this about a year ago when they had just started it, lots more concrete blocks there now.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
A concrete block by any other name.   ?????  
I don't know nufin bout art, but i know what i like.

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