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Bellgrove street, 1916

Hi all,

Doing some family research on my hubby's side and his great great grandfather lived in Bellgrove Street and left a house in his will on that street to the family in 1916.

Looking on google maps, this street has obviously been redeveloped. Does anyone know what sort of area this was in 1916 - was it heavily residential or mixed with shops because it looks reasonably industrial now?

Also wondered because he left an estate of circa 3000 and unsure if this means that he was relatively wealthy for the time.

Thanks in advance

3000 in 1916 is the equivalent to 283,302.70 today, a considerable sum!
As you can see (birl the map round, SHIFT+ALT & drag, for the whole street) it was very mixed, residential at each end (probably commercial premises on the ground floor in many cases), and in between a railway station, couple of churches, a pub at most corners - with a huge cattle market and abattoir occupying most of the west side. The air must have been quite richly scented when the wind was in the west, but nothing you couldn't get used to.
These photos show the north corners of Bellgrove St., at Duke St., 1st 1900-1920, 2nd 1930-1950.
Bellgrove Station, 1960-1980.

Online reckoners give different sums, but 250k would be a ballpark figure - as Alycidon says, a very tidy sum.

Sorry about that last link, looks like a SCRAN log in is needed to see it. There's a thumbnail image at

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