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Bernard Street School Bridgeton

My dad and all his siblings went to Bernard street school,later a lot of my cousins went there. In the entrance hall for the boys,there was a big wooden plaque on the wall with outstanding pupil's names on it. Both my dad and his brother were listed there.
 I'd like to know if anyone knows what happened to it when the school was demolished. Thanks

I only visited the school a few times for night classes in the early 60s but had cousins , uncles and aunties who went there.. one uncle was the Dux in the 40s but who knows where that board went.. with all the names..

Bernard Street School Bridgeton

It's sad to think it was just dumped when the school was demolished.Seems there was a time when many bits of history vanished.

Bernard Street School

Thanks for the replies. I suspected something like that had happened. The People's Palace would have been a good place for it Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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