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Big site, excellent site...but im lost

    All im trying to find is Mount florida, and my first school in daisy st, but each time i use the site, i end up on the wrong bus and am all over the place.  Im wondering also if theres any pics of Duke street hospital anywhere.  But wow, this sites awsome and takes me back many many years  Granny Likes A Small Glass Of Whisky....hey Jimmy, whits yer name??

Hiya, hope you enjoy the site...theres a search option at the top try that and see if you can find what your looking for...good luck.

Welcome to UG - try a search like this:

James H

Thank you James

Thanks for the welcome and the tips to use the site. What can i say about it, excuse my scots, its bloody braw and a credit to those that run it, truly an awsome site and one i will certainly tell folks about. Some of the olde pics are stunning and remind me of being born in the best city in the world. Keep up the good work, and long may it continue. Thank you Sir. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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