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We decided to take a trip out there last weekend for a look around.  It's really interesting to see and would be difficult to find unless you were actually looking for it.  Here's a few pictures and a video we took on the day:


Thanks for looking  

You'll have to give me specific directions

Nice bit of vid

Top pics Kat..Will need to find the time to go see as its only up the road...Did you ever go along the canal as a youngster just off Balmuldy rd and explore the remnants of mavis valley village ..I used to...not sure if anything still there but might be worth a look. You can still make out the outline of the main street by the trees


I used to spend a lot of time along the canal bank as a kid, but never knew about old Mavis Valley Village at the time.  I'll maybe take a trip out there within the next couple of weeks and have a look!  Cheers Kev

It wasnt the most interesting bit or urbex I've done but glad I did... would make a great location for future photoshoot.

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