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Bishopbriggs is set for 32m makeover (Evening Times)

AN ambitious 32m plan has been drawn up to transform Bishopbriggs town

Manchester-based Muse Developments wants to build shops, housing, a
new civic space, a care home and town centre car park.

The outline planning application, which has been lodged with East
Dunbartonshire Council, also involves demolishing school buildings and
relocating St Matthew's Church.

Muse Developments' regional director, Steve Turner, said the company
was confident the proposals would revitalise the area and deliver a town
centre that worked for both residents and businesses.

He said: "Our reputation for the successful delivery of city and town
centre regeneration projects like this across the UK has been built
through gaining a clear knowledge of what works, and understanding the
needs of everyone involved.

"This is a fantastic development that will revitalise Bishopbriggs town
centre and potentially attract new jobs and investment to the town. We
have brought the community and local politicians into our thinking for the
project and the new submission reflects those discussions."

The 16-acre site is located in the grounds of the existing Bishopbriggs
High School and Triangle shopping centre. It is bounded by Kirkintilloch
Road, South Crosshill Road, Cleddens Court and the railway line.

The plan involves a large store and range of small to medium-sized
shops, landscaped areas, high-quality houses and a new road.

The High School would be relocated to a site within the grounds of
Thomas Muir High School on Wester Cleddens Road, and the school
sports hall would be kept, potentially as a site for a medical centre or

James H

Well they can F*** right off with that...
It's bad enough trying to get access to the cross without all that malarky.
They actually have tenements there with no front close access.

I grew up in Bishopbriggs and it's really sad to see the transformations that have taken place over the years.  Every time I go out there  some new building has popped up that looks totally out of place.

sorry to drag up an old thread

The new school, Bishopbriggs Academy, has opened this year and both Bishopbriggs High School and Thomas Muir High School are lying derelict. Thomas Muir is due to be demolished within the next few months but i'm unsure what's happening to Bishopbriggs High.

Hmm.. might take a wander up there at the weekend.

i managed to get onto the site of the new school a couple of times while it was being built but i haven't been in the old school since in left 5 years ago.

I may have a look at the weekend and see if there's anything there of interest.

Kevin_Mc wrote:
sorry to drag up an old thread

The new school, Bishopbriggs Academy, has opened this year and both Bishopbriggs High School and Thomas Muir High School are lying derelict. Thomas Muir is due to be demolished within the next few months but i'm unsure what's happening to Bishopbriggs High.

They knocked down my old school (Turnbull High) a couple of months ago and it's now been replaced with a swanky, new, modern building which was built behind the site of the original building.

A lot of memories went down with the demolition of Turnbull.  

The new Thomas Muir High School building is an absolute beast.  It's massive compared to the old one!!  But I suppose it needs to be as they've merged with Bishy high haven't they?

I went to Thomas muir 12 years ago and it really did need pulled down. In saying that it was sad to see the place go.

An old thread I know, but had to post, it's sad all this progress, I started TMH when it opened in 1978, we were the inaugural first year, with a second year coming from Bishy High, the school was empty, but it was great we had small classes never more than 20 we didn't realise at the time how lucky we were, can't believe it barely lasted 30 years.
Geelo G

Lots of new builds going up now in Bishopbriggs. Some look ok now though  


Hi. I don't live in Bishopbriggs but love it! Maybe someone could start a petition to keep the nostalgia of Bishy for the strong history that it has? Maybe with a few tweeks it could be an attraction to many. The Crow pub has been there for centuries for one. They demolished Water Row in Glasgow and pulled down a piece of history that would have brought many to visit to see how those houses functions...coal fire in the living-room and a beautiful big range in the kitchen which had a recess for a double bed in each room. I could go on and on but when I went back one day just to see the building when I got off the subway and my heart broke as there was no building to see, it had been demolished. So, count me in as a supporter for any petition if it starts up. It can be done. :)

unfortunately the history of bishy includes their refusal to help the refugees from the clydebank blitz and shelter had to found elsewhere.


Yes but like everywhere there is good and bad history but if enough people involved in any petitions then at least they will/should be listened to.

Perhaps starting the petition yourself instead of goading others to do it would have been a better idea surely ?

You will no doubt also upset some who also know that Water Row was not Glasgow but Govan as that argument has caught fire on here too.

Good luck with your petition if you ever get it started but I am now curious as to  why a someone who does not live in bishy would be trying to have someone else start a petition on nostalgia of an area they do not live in.



I visit Bishopbriggs very often and love it as it seems so unchanged for quit sometime now, there are huge pictures in Morrison's supermarket showing the Crow bar and the actual village which has some beautiful buildings in it. I thought some folk from Bishopbriggs might not even know of the changes that will take place and aslso thought people from Bishopbriggs would be better to actually start the petition. I mean no malice of any kind. I actually count Govan as part of Glasgow as the post code is G51.
AGAIN, absolutely NO malice is intended, just think it would be good to let people know that they could, if they want, to try keep Bishy as it is.

No harm in that!

Thanks Targer.

Everywhere I go I see good quality buildings being demolished and either wendy houses or glass buildings flying up all over the place. Keep the good old ones please lol!! :)

Clydesdale Bank has closed in Bishopbriggs, they've even taken away their ATMs next to Morrisons!

Can't believe it! Have all residents been notified of the huge amendments planned for the future of BB?
Geelo G

What changes are you talking about mate?

Hi Geelo. I can't remember the whole scenario but Bishopbriggs apparently is to undergo a full makeover. I just think it's a mistake on their part, yes some buildings need a good sandblast to brighten them up but the nostalgic feeling when there is almost magical (to me) and I 'm sure many others feel the same. To my knowledge or from what I can recall of this revamp, people don't know what's coming as no locals have been notified of the revamp. I don't know the source of this story so I hope whoever started this page can jump in and give a clearer detailed account of the matter but I hope I've gave you the jist of the conversation comments above.

I'm from Bishopbriggs (although i don't live there now) and my parents still stay just off Woodhill Road.

As far as i'm aware no-one has been informed of any changes although where they are is a bit far away from the town centre to be considered i'd imagine.

The new Thomas Muir Primary School on the site of the old (currently still standing) Woodhill Primary is now complete and opened to children after the Easter Holidays. Before it opened i tried to get onto the site but was immediately picked up on CCTV and chased by security. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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