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Tom Benson

Book - Beyond The Law

My thriller is set in Glasgow of 1996 and is about an ex-SAS soldier who returns to the city of his birth as a vigilante. Many parts of the city feature, plus a few areas outside. It's a strange way to pay homage to my home town but I think it works.

Brief bio: I was born in Bridgeton 1952 and moved to Drumchapel in 1960. I left the city in 1969 to join the Army. I served 23 years in the military. I spent the next 20 years in Retail Management.
The link below will take you to my blog where the first five chapters of the book can be sampled. There are links to and - I've intentionally kept the price less than 1.50 / $2.00

I'd like to thank the 'Mods' of this site and all who have submitted photographs. It's a goldmine of information and a great memory jogger.  

Any freebies ?.......    
Tom Benson

Okay, okay, I was forgetting some fellow Glaswegians might actually read this.  
I'll make a deal with you. Use the link to my blog and try out the first couple of chapters and see what you think. If you like it - you'll spend 1.30 on the link. If you're still not keen on spending your hard-earned pennies I'll have it on a FREE promotion day in December.
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