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Mahdi West

Brown Street

I was out and about a couple of days ago and noticed that this building on Brown Street had a few cones and red & white tape across the front. There was a man with the standard luminous jacket studying it carefully and taking notes. I took a few photos and I could tell that he wasn't too chuffed as he was giving me daggers.  
Does anyone know about a possible development here? Expensive flats? I've been trying to find out about the building but not much luck so far although I'd wondered if it was a rear entrance to the old tobacco warehouse that's on James Watt Street.

Alex Glass


Welcome to Urban Glasgow.

Check out the Council's website for Planning Applications. I am sure there was a recent consent granted for an application it that area and involving the retention of the facade of that building.
Alex Glass

Sorry the development is the next street.

Details Here
Doog Doog

Nice pics Mahdi.
Mahdi West

Thanks Alex / Doog Doog. That's one building I'll be keeping an eye on.

My Granny Brown ived in a one-ender on the corner of Crimea Street and Carrick Street until the early 1960's.  Brown Street is the next one along, heading towards Central Station.

I reckon my dear old Granny (given she was 'emigrated' to Scotstoun in the early 1960's) would be having a little chuckle in her grave if she heard they were planning to build 'Expensive Flats' in Brown Street !

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