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Buchanan lane

Hi ,Hope someone can help ,have been trying to find Buchanan lane on some old maps ,but no luck ,I know it changed its name to Loom place ,but cant find that either,am doing some family tree research .hope someone might be able to help ,many thanks

Hi Orla,

There was a Buchanan Lane in Calton,which ran between Struthers Street and Bell Street (not the modern Bell Street - this one ran parallell with Abercromby Street,coming off Millroad Street).The two and three storey tenements were demolished in the clearances of the 1920s and 30s. Buchanan Lane would have been located (approximately) where Tobago Place and its housing is now.


Loom Place, Calton pic on Virtual Mitchell

Vinny the Mackem

The wonderful NLS slider map.  Buchanan Lane should be right in the middle of the map.  Ran between Struthers Street and Bell Street.

As Okaydoak says, it looks like it's exactly where Tobago Place is today.

i know ther is a Mccormack lane off of Buchanan street

My Granny and my aunt's family lived in the tenement that I have marked with a red dot (270 Tobago St) until about 1970 but by that time Struthers St and Young St had been incorporated into Tobago St. The church was gone by that time and the area I have marked in green was known as "the brokey."
It was used as a general play area where the usual game of 20 a side football could be watched and on 5th November a huge bonfire was lit there! However, the most excitement I ever saw there was when a Jaguar came flying down Tobago Street from the Gallowgate then sped across the brokey before heading down Market Street in a huge cloud of dust with a police car in hot pursuit! I never found out what it was all about.

The area marked in blue had been cleared of houses and the only accommodation in that area consisted of 3 or 4 static caravans. The PH at the top of the blue area had been replaced by a huge advertising billboard.

The pub (PH) at the top of Market Street was still there and was where my dad and my uncles used to go for a drink on a Saturday. I think it was called the Market Inn or the Market Tavern.

Hi Mani, where is McCormack lane, I have been looking for it for a while
I may have taken photos of it and given them the wrong name

Come out Mitchell Lane Norrie quick right, quick left your in McCormack Lane ... "The Chippy In The Lane" is in there .... think i might have posted some snaps from in there already. If you keep going through you pop out in Queens street opposite where the Army Recruiting would have been when yi signed up for your National Service    

Hi Cybers, I have been in that lane but I think I have mis titled the shot
National Service, nothing so commen, I am under oath not to talk of my service history  

Thank god  

Lets hope he's also under oath not to talk about his (dis)service to history Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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