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Bus Crash in Stobcross 1956

Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any info on a bus crash/incident in or around 1956?

I have been told that my Grandfather James Porter was hit and killed by a bus on Stobcross Street while he was going for his morning paper, but I can't find any info on said crash.

He lived on Anthony Street (which no longer exists, as it is next to where the M8 is now).

Extensive Googling and searching the forum has been unsuccessful, so I'd be grateful of any info.



maybe this link might help you find out what happened
it might be of some use or maybe not


Thanks for the reply. This links to the 5th May 1956 edition, however James dies on the 19th February. I've tried looking at the editions around that date, but haven't found anything.



You could try the Mitchell library they have all the papers and helpful staff

Hi scott
If you go onto the link I gave you
Just above it should say browse This newspaper
This will allow you to go back to the start of 1956
Hope this helps you

Unfortunately, 19th Feb edition isn't available.

Maybes contact the newspaper direct?

1956 Road accident in Stobcross Street

Hi darrell, that may be my only option if I can't find anything online. :)

Hi IBrown, the 19th was a Sunday, so there was no edition that day. I'm not sure if the Sunday Herald might have something though - I didn't think to check.

Incidentally, my distant cousin-in-law has dug up some new info. I sent her the death notice I got from ScotlandsPeople, and she has sent me back another document which states he was struck by a motor van (not a bus). My auntie has also replied to say she remembers that there was an enquiry at the time, so I'll do some more googling. :)


Vinny the Mackem

19 February was a Sunday, so any report might have been in the papers for 20th.  The Glasgow Herald is also in that archive - might be worth a look at that too.


I'm going off memories of more than fifty years ago but, having a granny who lived in Crimea Street and an auntie who lived in Clydeferry Street at that time, I spent a lot of time in the area and I can't remember any buses that traversed the area at the time.

There may have been SMT buses that ran along the Broomielaw and onto Dumbarton Road but I can't remember any buses travelling along any of the roads west of Central Station until they came in near the Kelvin Hall !


Motor Van

Hi tombro,

I have since found out that it was not a bus (as my auntie had thought), but a motor van, according to the RCE. That would explain why I could find records for other bus crashes, but not this one.

I doubt the incident was big enough to get media attention, as there is nothing in the Evening Times, Glasgow Herald or Sunday Herald from the 14th - 22nd of February.


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