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Derek Mc

Cambuslang memories

I have an enduring memory from childhood of driving through Cambuslang and literally through what felt like "Hell on Earth" to a three or four year old (1969/70) as we went past the coke ovens I assume on the road through cambuslang you would see the red-hot embers being emtied and tipper trucks with signs that said DRY-SLAG and WET-SLAG on them driving through the black sludge on the roads, I still can almost feel the heat through the glass of the car! it was quite horrific and was the road that still exists that then linked to the old A74 to go south for our family holidays.

The road was Clydesmill road I think,, and it feels as though it is still there today but possibly relocated with time,,,,,

The only other memories of this location are the ones during my apprenticeship, I was taken to Hoover and had never in my life seen a factory so huge! it was like a city of people to me who had grown up in a semi-rural small town place (as where I lived in Barrhead had been at that time,,,,)

Just wanted to share this to see if any photographs exist that show this location back in the hey-day?

You've wakened very uncomfortable very old memories of my first trip over that road which I think is the one that runs between the old Clyde Iron and Clydebridge Steel Works, and crossed the Clyde by a humped iron bridge - god that was a fright!

We were en route from old Airdrie Sheriff Court in the back of a police car to old? Busheyhill Remand Home in the Kirkhill? area of Cambuslang in the late 1950s, 10 years old and just been remanded for 'juvenile delinquency'. I know we were near the Kirkhill line cos we could hear the electric trains passing, but couldn't see them. The other thing we could hear but not see was the music from a nearby fairground, one song stayed with me for years afterwards, forget it now, but had a real 'fairground' feel to it, maybe it was an organ or warlitzer background and the song really belted out.

Never been over that road or in that place again since.
Derek Mc

Wow,,,,, glad it isn't just me that has bad memories of that road and yes it is the same one I forgot the hump back bridge but yes,,,,,

Bridge is still there, albeit closed to traffic nowadays ...

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