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camera not for sale

Tesco had a sale around Christmas , I popped into Tesco Rutherglen and spotted a Lumix Panasonic that had been reduced to 25, out of stock I was told and I couldnt buy the display model
However tha guy said that when new stock came in I could get in for 25
I called in from time to time , still on display, I was there today and the guy asked his boss can he sell me the display model, yes he was told
Great stuff, even better when the guy told me it was reduced to 5
He got the box from the back shop, checked all was in order, scanned it and it came up 1 pence, great I thought but the guy told me he couldnt sell it to anyone, if it had been 5 pence that would have been ok
Gutted but not surprised
I contacted Tesco and was told that was correct, its a discontinued line and they cant sell it after a certain time
Bugger, need to be on the ball for the next sale
peter kemp

Aye but one of the staff would have got it for pennys.

They price barcoded stuff as a penny when its reserved by a staff member.
Sad but true. Asda also have the penny clause. though both shops will sell stuff on sale with "DISCONTINUED" on a sticker across it for buttons. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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