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Can anyone tell me where I was . . .

. . . on this fine summer day in 1975? This isn't a quiz-type question, I really can't remember and would be mildly interested to know.

It doubt if it would have been very far from Glasgow, and I presume that's the Clyde in #2. Almost certainly after noon,
so with the sun coming from the right that one must be looking roughly south, and though the resolution isn't great there's clearly
a town on the far side – Port G, Greenock, Gourock? Was I above Cardross or Helensburgh maybe?

The odd Victorian-Gothic structure adjacent to a farm in #1 might ring a bell with someone,
or the plain church in #3.

I think all 4 were taken on the same day, and they're in the same order as they appear on the film strip. I've looked around
on Google Earth and can't find any clues, but then it was quite a while ago.

Over to the collective knowledge of UG.

Doog Doog

Looks like you were on the Cardross/Helensburgh side.

The building in the foreground of the 3rd picture looks so familiar but I just can't quite place it yet

cardross area would be my shout.

This is doing my head in as i am sure i have seen both the castle and the garage style building as a kid think it might no be as far round as Cardross but more the outskirts of Dumbarton for some reason ... This is gonna grind in my head till the answer appears  

I think it is further down the Clyde on the Rosneath peninsula, the farm is Home farm and I'm sure the one looking down the hill across the water is behind Kilcreggan or Cove, not so sure about the others though.

Ta mucho Cell yir a star ...

Here is the second one, Little Aiden Rd above Kilcreggan, looking over to Gourock

Brilliant, cell, many thanks.

I do have a dim memory, now you've mentioned the name, of a visit to the peninsula around that time, the only one I've ever made.
I can't recall whether I crossed from Helensburgh or Gourock, and as I would have travelled by train it's even possible I made round trip of it,
over by one ferry and back by the other.

The last photo, fairly pointless, could be anywhere but the third one may still be identifiable. It doesn't really look very Rosneathy or Kilcreggany -
could it have been on the 'mainland' after the return crossing? Not impossible, I suppose, that it was another trip altogether.

No problem, happy to contribute, there were ferries from both Greenock and Helensburgh to Kilcreggan, so it is feasible to have done a round trip with the third picture being on possibly either side of the Clyde, but would you only have taken two pictures of Kilcreggan? I know film was expensive then but you must have been there a while and had a good stomp around because those two sites are not very close.

The third picture looks familiar but I just can't place it, it does have the air of the peninsula in the 70's (rough roads, dilapidated buildings!) but I don't recognise that church, there is a relatively new RC? church in Rosneath which might have replaced it but that’s a long shot. The low hills in the background imply flat open land just behind the church and I can't think of any views like that in Helensburgh, it might be further back up towards Glasgow ie Dumbarton or Bowling but that is just a guess.

Cell, I think Rosneath's out. I've been looking at the 1865 25" map and a 1945ish 1/3" atlas and neither show a church other than the present one.
There were a couple of Free churches towards Kilcreggan, a UF at Mill of Camsail (manse is still there, at the end of a long track
which the streetcar cheekily went up) and a UP in Shore St (the 3rd villa before Aidenkyle Rd is on the site and the pointed arch
upper windows suggest some recycling of stonework). There's no possibility of either church being the one we're looking for.

Looking at the modern OS map, I would guess that my route took me along the shore path and turned up to go past the Home Farm,
then back by the road, taking the upper branch to come down Little Aiden Rd. Only 2 photos, yes it does seem odd,
frames 7 & 8 on a 12 shot film, maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

I'm coming to the conclusion that pics 3 & 4 are somewhere else altogether, on another day. The sun in #2 is coming from nearly due west,
so late afternoon, whereas the sun in #3 is really high (shadow of the house barely reaches the kerb) so it must have been around mid-day.

It wouldn't be surprising if both the buildings in #3 are long gone, the scene has an air of dereliction, so the mystery
may never be solved, Still, stranger things have happened.
ian martin

the third and fourth pictures are at newton near cambuslang

Excellent, Ian. Many thanks.

I do remember walking through some derelict street of tenements or terraces, isolated in a wasteland near Newton Station, but hadn't thought I took any photos.

Where the Hallside steelworks had been, possibly? I wonder if it was part of the housing in the last minute or so of this. I'll send the pic to Ed Boyle to put on his Cambuslang site, see if it gets any response.

I've had a look at the 1930s OS map on the NLS site and here's a couple of captures from it

and the church I've marked in red could be a candidate for the one in the photo. A railway behind it would have been nice but it ran in a cutting here so wouldn't have been in view.

At 1:30 in the video I linked to last night there's a clip of a crane with a building in the background which bears a resemblance. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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