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Car Theft Question

An odd set of circumstances here. Last week my friend Yvette got the back window of her Micra smashed .. not completely in, just shattered with a hole not even big enough to stick your hand through.

Nothing stolen from the car, iPod, bags, shopping - all intact.

This morning she gets a knock at the door and its a recovery vehicle asking if she's phoned them to come have a look at the car.

She had the window fixed through the insurance the day after the breakage.

Any obvious scams I'm missing here?
Delmont St Xavier

Advice is to contact Police and report this incident...

Sounds more like a pissed off neighbour mate as the old scam involved slashed tyres and the repairers van "just happened to be in the street fixing the neighbours and noticed you had the same problem" She has not been parking in some auld twats parking space who still thinks they are Capone has she !!!

I'm with cybers on this one - its an old trick designed to make life difficult for someone (in this case your friend) because someone else is aggrieved over something they've done or believed to have done. Recently dumped boyfriends also fall into this category.

Speaking from experience having been in a public service involved with nuisance calls like this, if it happens again I'd get the polis involved for no other reason than to let the neighbours see she's involving the authorities - that often works, especially if its an 'old twat'.

Cheers guys .. I did mention calling the constabulary. The thing is, she's one of life's non complainers - never pisses anyone off.

It's a mystery.

Sometimes its those wee inconsequential things we do a million times without thought that is enough to trigger an emotion in a half wit mate. Like I hinted at old gangsters are ridiculous if yi park in their allotted  space marked only in their cranium. Old twat took a key to my car for parking in "THEIR" space done all four sides of it but never realised at 4am someone had seen them (He never owned a car and I doubt he could even drive)..
So car came back after the repair parked it again in the same place and lay in wait sure enough dark o'clock came, out came old "Terry McCann" armed with an iron bar... The rest is censored but he did wet himself and was left in no doubt what was going to happen if the kids even left a ball mark on the paint.

Old twat caused over 1800 quid worth of damage on his first round all because I parked outside his house in a public bay.

So it's probably nothing your pals done fella just a stupid twat feeling aggrieved Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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