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Castlehead Church, Paisley - plans to turn into a car park

I just want awareness to be raised about this as I was researching online about the Castlehead Church, Paisley ( and the amazing headstones there, when I came across this article on Youtube just posted yesterday!

Stating that the Church built in 1781 has been... 'bought over by developers who aim to turn the church into 12 flats. They are seeking planning permission to remove the grave stones and turn the ground with the bodies still into a car park.'

It even has a connection to Ronald Reagan as his great great grandparents were married there and are probably buried there too. As well Robert Tannahill, the Scottish poet.

Have a look at the wonderful gravestones that are in this cemetery and I am sure you would agree it would be a travesty to uproot over 200 years of burials and history for someone to park their car !! (images of just a couple of the gravestones)

Absolutely terrible that they plan this alteration or any alteration to this church and grounds. This is carrying development too far.

The bodies will be interred elsewhere surely . The final resting place is no longer final when the money men arrive.

I don't like the idea but then I hate the thought that the building will be lost forever by not converting it more.

I cannot endorse this rubbish...I lived in
Paisley for about 13 yrs..Nice wee toon..but for some git to pave over it...NO  NO  NO..... Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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