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I haven't noticed a thread for these so......

When I was younger I thought I would like to go potholing, it sounded exciting.  I then bought a serious book about it and realised that it could get a bit too exciting, not to mention dark, cold, wet and cramped all at the same time          

However, on my travels I have visited a number of show caves and found that is the right level of exciting for me.

I must have other photos somewhere, but to start with here are a couple from 1979 of the caves at Nerja in southern Spain.

(Sorry about the quality, they haven't scanned al that well)


Amazing caves! There are only few caves like that left. Tourist governments should take pride in promoting the beauty of their caves for people to see, treasure, and give value on it.

Cracking photos, looks a bit like the inside of my freezer at the moment

Imp...some photos of inside the Rock of Gibraltar mate.

Doog Doog



Lovely stuff!


Beans .. those are .. well, the beans!

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