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Charles Rennie Mackintosh

3 years old and no thread for Charles Rennie Mackintosh design??? oops


One from the archives... no HDR, just OTT PS

xxx zos xxx

from 2006, didn't realise I'd been snappin long  

Martyrs' Public School

Glasgow School of Fart

James H

Scotland was nt interested in Rennies work much,  and he went to live in London where he concentrated on painting more as did his wife, he died, in London and is buried in Golders Green cemetery, quite sad for a man who is now one of our leading visitor attractions.

If I'm honest, I still think his stuff is crap.

hahaha know what you mean, it looks footery and plywood, some though is quite nice.. although I dont think much of the Helensburgh house.. its a bit ugly..
Alex Glass

Will need to look through my photos to get some relevant to post here

amazing that there wasn't a thread before Stu

Scotland St School by D1gitAl Imagez, on Flickr

Glasgow School of Art by D1gitAl Imagez, on Flickr Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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