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Children of Thatcher's 80's

Powerful photo series captures unemployed youths of Thatcher’s Britain


My two eldest sons were caught up in that YOPPER scam. Never learned anything and neither held a job during their short lives.

In the days before ticket collectors, I used to see the same faces joyriding on the trains that I travelled to work on each day.

I hope Thatcher is the next dead person to be dug up and hanged.

After an industrial accident I was sent on a course with Heatwise for buroo money and an extra tenner. fecking joke, How to fit a draft excluder taught by someone who only knew how to fit a draft excluder, I was sent home for questioning their qualifications and a six week sanction put on my dole because of it.

I decided even if I had to become a criminal I was never going back near the dole offices again. I got on a driving course I could pay back via employment and have never looked back.

Some of my pals were farmed out to Henry Boot or McAlpine knocked their cnut in for 25 quid a week only to be told they had no job at the end of it. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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