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Children Playing in the city of Glasgow


Im creating a short movie of images of children playing in the city of Glasgow through the ages.

Ive tried looking through some of the posts but not finding as many as I hoped. Does anyone have any photos that would be of use? Or know where I can find some?


Kind of a taboo subject nowadays and to be honest I can't recall many of that subject on here.

You could try Mitchell Library site or hidden Glasgow
Alex Glass

The most famous Occar Marzaroli

Like Fastnet said it is not wise in todays society to be seen taking photos of children and therefore few people will take photos of any children other than their own and we don't tend to post family photos here.

Hi Kristinmc15, like the rest of the members I dont take photos of kids, sad really as I have over the years seen great shots and had to ignore them
Oscar Mazzarolli and Joseph Mckenzie got all the good ones
Leave it with me as I know someone who has taken that type of photo from years ago

Ironic, isn't it. If you dare to take pictures of kids enjoying themselves you
get, at least, funny looks and, at worst, labelled a total pervert.

On the other hand, if you're a weirdo who works for the BBC and dresses in a
shell suit, you can have your own prime-time TV show where you get kids to
write to you outlining their dreams, and then invite them onto the show to sit
on your knee. And all you get called then is a "National treasure".

Goodness gracious...

James H

Now then, now then

It really is a pity though that we have been robbed of the innocence afforded to the likes of Harry Benson etc. Pretty soon there will be no photo's of kids anywhere as parents are getting labelled some sort of pervert for recording images of their own kids. We all have those images where our parents took our photo in the bath I have even posted one or two of mine on here. Kids do the craziest things but now they are all far too busy photographing their own bits and bluetoothing them in class....

Yet its the innocent toggers who are branded the perverts


Hi Kristin,
I think Norrie might have been referring to me.
Have you looked at ?
I wouldn't in principle be averse to your using anything there that's suitable, but would like to know a bit more more about your project before giving the okay. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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