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Church of the Immaculate Conception, Maryhill

Hi, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - did a search and couldn't find anything.

I am looking for photos and more information about the second church of the immaculate conception - not the one that is currently there, but the one before that, built around 1957 and demolished in the 80s. It is on maryhill road up near maryhill park.

The architect was Thomas Cordiner, and it was built because the older church was damaged by a bomb. It had a triangular front (equilateral) and the roof went right down to the ground. The presbytery still exists which also has interesting features with the roof reaching the ground. Although the church is gone, the old gate and driveway can just about be made out.

I have only ever seen 2 pictures of this church- one in a book I own (Rebuilding Scotland by Miles Glendinning), and one I saw on the Internet somewhere years ago which was in colour.

Does anyone know any more, e.g. Why it was demolished and moved to the other side of the presbytery? Does anyone have any photos of it?


Hi Kirsty,

From memory,the church had to be demolished because of some structural reason which would have proved too expensive to rectify.The church authorities deemed it easier to knock it down,and rebuild the church as a more modest structure.

I took some colour slides of it before it was demolished,and which I still have,but unfortunately I don't have the technical skills to put it on this website.Sorry!


Would love to see those Chris.

A wee how to is contained in this thread. I recommend using the free flickr option for photo hosting and if you need any other help feel free to ask either in a thread or via the PM system.

I remember that church, passed it as often when cycling
Oakydoak is right, there was a a fault in it
From memory it was all concrete????

Dug out the slides last night - only three - one a three quarter view of the front and side,one of the massive mosaic of the Virgin Mary on the frontage above the main door,and one of a lozenge-shaped window.

Photos taken in February 1987 (quickly,before it was gone),so as for any photograph at that time of the year,the lighting conditions were not that great.

In order to put them on Flickr,I would first have to buy myself a slide copier,and convert them into a digital format.A project for the winter months,I suspect!

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