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Churchhouse on Crownpoint Road

Glad to see after years of neglect this house back in working order, dont know if offices or flats..          


Hi calamity, that's looking good

It's being turned into artist studios. My g/f and I have a room there on the first floor, though we've not properly moved in yet.

We were wondering what the building used to be as there are a few nice features still intact that we hope will be carried over into the renovation.

It was a church house for the minsiter Mr Hunter who was there in the 60s.. the church now demolished was a favourite of the soldiers from the Barracks along the Gallowgate..I was in the big house years ago and wondered why it was only used by the minister, as I dont think anyone else lived there. FI you scroll two thirds down this page you ll see the old church with the spire missing, lightening caused it ... and you ll be able to see a small part of the building to the left..  thanks for answering my post

It was home to the Social Work Dept in the late 70's early 80's as I used to toddle down there with a mate who had a childrens panel restriction which meant he had to report in every Tuesday after school.

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