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City cable car plan fails to get off the ground

City cable car plan fails to get off the ground ( Evening Times)

A plan to build a 10million cable car system in Glasgow city centre has been
dismissed as a non-starter.

Yesterday, the Evening Times revealed senior councillors had been looking
at the possibility of a cable car running from Port Dundas to George Square.
Craigton councillor Alistair Watson claimed the unusual transport system would
be a big attraction and would boost tourism.

But a source close to council leader Gordon Matheson has insisted the plan will
never get off the ground. He said: "This idea is a complete non-starter. It was
only ever a suggestion and isn't being taken seriously we can say for definite
that we will not be building a cable car system in Glasgow."

It is understood the route being looked at would have linked the new water sports
centre at Port Dundas with George Square, stopping at Buchanan Street bus
station. The project is similar to one being tested now over the River Thames in
London, linking the Greenwich Peninsula with the Royal Docks.

It is understood both the public and private sector including Sports Scotland were
to be approached for funding. Mr Watson had claimed the cable car would provide
a direct link to the proposed water sports centre and a welcome addition to the
north side of the city.

He said before the announcement that the plan is to be scrapped: "It will also boost
tourism and become a focal point of George Square. The capital outlay will probably
be in excess of 10m but the running costs would be relatively small. Port Dundas
is one of the highest points in the city centre and gravity will play a big part in the
operation of it.

"Unfortunately, it will not be up and running in time for the Commonwealth Games
but this is a long-term project. It is certainly not a pie-in-the-sky idea and we are
hopeful we can progress with more detailed plans later this year."

Graeme Hendry, SNP group leader on the city council, welcomed the announcement
that the cable car plan will not be pursued. He said: "I suspect the public will not
be surprised. It is important Glasgow focuses on regeneration projects that have the
ability to provide growth for the city rather than getting distracted by pie-in-the sky ideas."

James H

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